Dec 12th Customer Corner - New CSV Exporter

Customer Corner

Every few weeks we’ll have new posts to update you on upcoming changes to the system and links to walkthroughs of new functions that will be added to Procurify. We'll start with features that are scheduled to be released in the near future and finish with a “Coming Soon" section that discloses features scheduled to be released in the near future. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to our fantastic customer success team either via the in app chat or by sending an email to: .

New CSV Exporter and upcoming features

In this Customer Corner update we'll be introducing a feature to be launched this week and some exciting new additions coming soon.

New Features

Custom CSV Export

Available today we are happy to release a new custom export function for exporting data from the Procurify system. Originally just a complete pull of all your data, the function has now been updated to be able to select and arrange which columns are important to you. This will help with data that needs to be uploaded to other systems in specific formats and also with storing all of export requests that you make. 

            Read more about the new feature on our knowledge base here.

  Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Multiple Attachments Per Line

When requesting items in the Request tab, soon you will be able to have more than one attachment for each item in your request. Whether it's schematics, quotes or images, you can attach and send all of the relevant information to decision makers.

Notification Settings

After listening to your feedback,  soon in Procurify you will be able to toggle your notifications (email, slack and mobile). Users will be able to choose which notifications they want to receive in the system by simply going to their personal account settings and making the appropriate selections.

Mobile App Improvements

In the coming weeks we'll be adding some new functionality to our mobile apps to improve the mobile experience. We'll be adding on offline expense function where you can create multiple drafts in an 'offline' mode so you can create expense reports regardless of being in range of service or wifi. We'll also be adding a quick attach feature quickly attach images to reports or requests and we'll be adding the ability to approve more Accounts Payable requests on the mobile app.

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