Set Up - Users & Roles

Add new users and assign roles to existing users. There will be roles and branch locations to choose from. There are several types of roles: requester, approver, purchaser, receiver, inventory manager, superuser, and accounts payable. See below what roles and access they have in Procurify.

Set Up - Users

1. In the Settings tab, select Manage Users:

2. To invite a new user, click Invite User:

3. Fill in the required fields. The location that the user is assigned to will be able to submit requests on behalf of any department within the location they have access to.
*Note: You may allow the user to sign in directly through their Google account, this is recommended for ease of use.

Set Up Roles - Roles give user permissions to perform specific actions.

1. Go to the Manage Users menu, ensure you are under the correct tab and select the desired user:
*Note: Recently invited users may be under the Pending tab. 

2. Click on the Roles & Permissions tab:

3. Click on Apply Role:

4. Select the user's Location and Role:

*Note: To create a new role select the desired permissions by clicking the icons, then insert a name for the desired role. A location must be selected first as each role belongs to a specific location.

Here are some role examples: 

  • Requester Requesting items from branch locations and department. Has access to the dashboard, request, and status tabs.
  • Approver Approve or deny pending orders. Has access to dashboard, request, status, approve, and reports tabs.
  • Purchaser Creates purchase orders, manages the product catalog and vendors. Has access to dashboard, request, status, procure tabs.
  • Controller Manages finances in your organization. Has access to dashboard, request, approval, manage, and report tabs.
  • Receiver Managing shipments and items that are being received. Has access to dashboard, request, status, and receive.
  • Inventory Manager Maintain the organization’s products by ensuring items are stocked. Has access to dashboard, request, status, and inventory.
  • Superuser Site administrator. Has access to all tabs.
  • Branch Manager Administrator of a specific branch location. Has access to all tabs.

Congratulations, you just learned how to create new users and roles!

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