What are you able to do as a Requester in Procurify?                                                               Other than just creating Request for Orders, Travels, and/or Expenses, you are also able to check the status of your orders from Pending, Approved, Denied, Purchased, to Received stages. Requesters may receive email notifications on the state of their orders such as if they have been approved, denied, purchased, or received.


  • Dashboard
  • Request for Order
  • Request for Travel
  • Request for Expense
  • Check the status of your requests
  • Replicate an order
  • Delete an order

Let's get started!

There are 3 Types of Requests in Procurify and all of them are as simple as 1-2-3!


The dashboard shows you the summary of what you have in Procurify including:

1. Pending Items - these are your Pending Order Requests, Pendin Expense Requests, and Pending Travel Requests

2. Recent Activity

3. Recent Comments

Request for Order (RFO)

Need to request for an order?

1. Select the location and department.

2. Choose an item or service you wish to get approved

3. Submit it for approval.

Let's create a Request for Order.

Request for Travel (RFT)

Going somewhere?

1. Just choose where you’re departing from and where you’re going.

2. Insert the dollar amount of how much the trip will cost.

3. Submit it for approval.

Let’s create a Request for Travel.

Request for Expense

Expense reports are used for off-contract spending and other materials that your organization doesn’t buy as often.

1. Drag & drop your receipts.

2. Fill out all the required fields.

3. Submit it for approval.

Let's create a Request for Expense.

Check the status of your requests

You want visibility? You'll get visibility! In Procurify, it's easy to check the status of your RFO/RFT/RFE. Each of their status pages will show you all your Pending, Approved, and Denied requests.

Check your RFO status here.

Check your RFT status here.

Check your RFE status here.

Replicate an order

Do you have a recurring order? Use the replicate order functionality to replicate your orders.

Let’s replicate an order.

Delete an order

Turns out that you don’t need the order you’ve submitted? Don't worry, if your request is still pending, you can still delete!

Pro Tip: Double check before submitting your request because once a request have been approved, you will be unable to delete it.

Let’s delete an order.

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